Standout: When Hell Falls – Wifisfuneral

Let’s be honest with ourselves: January is a terrible month for music. It’s basically just a 31 day hangover, and not a lot of big name artists release projects. There have been a few notable exceptions in the past couple of years (see B4.DA.$$ and Malibu), but it’s mostly hit or miss. Fortunately, in this new year filled with chaos, we can thank Wifisfuneral’s When Hell Falls for reasserting all those negative feelings that you have. The Isaiah Rashad-esque rapper has some great wordplay and lyrical skills, making this a very surprising listen (going in with no expectations). This is a good project that is already an early contender for surprise album of the year for me.

Listen to When Hell Falls via Soundcloud. 

Written by Max Borushek


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