Premiere: Call Me When You Love Me (feat. SadSci) – Aymon


Photo via artisthunter

“Call Me When You Love Me” is a deceiving song. Sure, it’s easy to get lost amongst Aymon’s wandering synth leads and virtuosic production, or Kate Rancka’s smooth vocal performance; but don’t let yourself. Where this track really shines is its patience. Each section takes its time to very meticulously build dynamics, expend each individual aspect to its fullest, before cascading into a chorus or transition. Lukas Selig, the producer behind the name Aymon, is able to achieve this very tranquil atmosphere through “CMWYLM’s” flowing form, while simultaneously showcasing his immense musical chops. He’s so sly that you might not even notice it.

That’s why I was so surprised when Selig told me that making “CMWYLM” was a gargantuan task. The project originally sprung from a chord progression that production-duo SadSci posted on Soundcloud; Selig reached out to them and they agreed to work together on a track. From there on out, the three were plagued by communication issues, flaky collaborators, and even homelessness, when one half of SadSci was evicted by his landlord and spent weeks between residences. This left Selig to handle much of the production on his own, enlisting Kate Rancka and Marillyn for the song’s vocals.

With all that being said, it’s pretty ironic that the song came out as laid-back and sleek as it did; and if this is what Aymon can do under strenuous circumstances, I’m pretty excited to see what he puts out when he’s get more room to create.

Written by Preston Fulks


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